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Real Customers

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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, You're Terrific!" "Thanks for all the caring & help. Just as the card says you're terrific"
—Chet and Shirley

"Thanks for everything, I know you made those rooms my spa retreat!"
—Charlotte & Tim

"...I can't tell you how pleased I was when I walked in the door. It looks fantastic! I very much appreciate you putting everything back just the way it was..."
—Carol R., Ft. Myers FL

"Not only is Liz a master of her craft, she is what we 'seniors' call old fashioned... She arrives on time and completes her work as promised. She is immaculate in the clean up..."
—Ann & William Z., Ft. Myers

"We are so happy with all the work you have done in our condo. I have had many compliments..."
—Carol R., Ft. Myers FL (repeat customer)

"She is fantastic! Her work is gorgeous and unique! She can do an unlimited amount of faux finishes... I highly recommend her. My house is now a gallery of art."
—Kelly S., Bradenton FL

"...Nothing but good to say. Everything turned out beautifully!"
—Mr. & Mrs R., Nokomis FL

"My bathroom looks great! I was amazed at the transformation. Liz is meticulous in her work. She even faux finished the switchplate covers."
—Patricia S., Sarasota FL

Faux Facts

  • No more dull and boring white! Faux finish enhances any room with elegance
  • Faux finish is more durable than wallpaper but gives the illusion of wallpaper
  • It's seamless and won't peel
  • It won't trap moisture and mold
  • Faux finish hides wall imperfections and minimizes architectural mistakes
  • It adds color and movement to any surface
  • Faux Finish adds no calories, makes you feel good and creates a beautiful home

Movement in design for the discriminating eye

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Sarasota FL

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Faux Finish & Accent Painting

It's time to break away from the ordinary! With faux finish, you can have a custom color made to exactly match or complement the look you want. You can have many different layers or keep it simple and light. With the large variety of faux finishing techniques available, the possibilities are endless! The result is always a unique exclusive look made just for you, your style and decor.

What is faux finishing? Faux finishing describes a wide variety of decorative painting techniques. Faux finishing is used to give the illusion of marble, stone, textures, nature and more.

Faux for your home

Faux artist, Liz Iverson, creates sophisticated surfaces that are tailored to match your colors and sense of style. The unique decorative faux effects and creative textures are used to fulfill your desire for elegance and individuality.

Your home is the place to restore your soul, and revive the senses. It is one of your most prized possessions — your safe place, your sanctuary and castle. Decorating your home with run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf paints and wallpapers can compromise your style. Isn't it time to give your home the WOW you've always wanted. Find out how much WOW you can have. Email Liz at fauxwithflair@verizon.net for your initial consult.

Faux for your business

As a business owner, Liz also realizes the importance of ambiance. When a potential client walks into your place of business the first thing they notice is their surroundings. As a fine decorative artist, Liz works hard with her commercial clients to design and create the mood they wish to portray, whether it be an upscale classic design or a whimiscal, fun environment. With her high-end faux finishes, Olde World textures and one-of-a-kind papers, Faux with Flair will create the ideal ambiance for your business.

Faux finishing encompasses a wide range of decorative painting techniques that simulate marble, wood and other finishes. Find out how lifelike it can be. Email Liz at fauxwithflair@verizon.net for your initial consult. Visit my companion site - Marble Finishes and More for more information and photos of my work.