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Faux Artist, Liz Iverson
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Enhance your home with faux finish and creative textures uniquely created by
Faux Artist, Liz Iverson

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Sarasota FL

Licensed and Insured

Faux Finish Techniques

Are you searching for a unique look that will transform your home into something spectacular? Faux Finish will provide the look you want to make your home uniquely yours, reflect your style and your feelings.

Creative Textures

Liz is particularly fond of her full line of custom handmade paper finishes. Through research and diligence Liz managed to find an extraordinary line of papers that no other faux artisan seems to be carrying. You can select from hundreds of one-of-a-kind creative textures that can be enhanced for color matching. These creative texture samples are a small idea of what can be done. Mouse over a sample to enlarge.

Are you looking for something different and unique? View Liz's portfolio for examples of completed projects.

A Variety of Techniques for a Variety of Illusions

  • Basic Faux
  • Handmade Papers
  • Faux Marble - looks like the "real thing"
  • Textured Trowel Finishes - dozens of finishes to select
  • Lustre Stone
  • Stencils - raised and flat
  • Foils

Faux can give you the illusion of wallpaper without the problems associated with wallpaper. It holds up much better than wallpaper as there are no seams or cut edges for moisture to get behind. There can be a sealing top coat to give added durability and there is no cost to remove it when you are ready to make a change. Faux finishing can give you the illusion of marble or any of a variety of stones or plasters.

Through Faux Artist Liz Iverson, you can have movement in design with exceptional style. Email Liz at fauxwithflair@verizon.net for your initial consult.